inflatable art on steps at Battersea Arts Centre

Sealed Air Inflatables at Battersea

katebarlow Inflatable Art

The artist Amy Pennington called us in August with a special commission. We really enjoy working with artists and helping them create their vision in its inflatable form. We particularly enjoy these creative – and sometimes challenging – projects. Amy is contributing to a production called ‘Town Hall Cherubs’ at Battersea Arts Centre.  We made a series of small character sealed …

Inflatable office floor plan

Giant Inflatable Signage

katebarlow Fun Inflatables

We take pride in being able to tackle any inflatable project that our clients dream up. Even so, giant inflatable signage was a new one for us! The client asked us to illustrate the floor plans of a prestigious London office space in an extremely imaginative way. Instead of using traditional signs, they wanted to create a series of printed …