Inflatable heart over London

Inflatable Chubby Hearts for Anya Hindmarch

Maeve Bradbury Airborne Inflatables (Helium Filled), Inflatable Art

It has been an exhausting but exciting few weeks! The world-famous designer Anya Hindmarch asked us to help bring her Chubby Hearts project to life across the Capital. Anya conceived Chubby Hearts over London as a declaration of love to the city. Her idea was to float giant inflatable hearts over landmarks, starting on Valentine’s Day throughout London Fashion Week. …

inflatable art on steps at Battersea Arts Centre

Sealed Air Inflatables at Battersea

katebarlow Inflatable Art

In August, we were delighted to receive a commission from artist Amy Pennington. We really enjoy working with artists and helping them create their vision in its inflatable form. We particularly enjoy these creative – and sometimes challenging – projects. Amy is contributing to a production called ‘Town Hall Cherubs’ at Battersea Arts Centre.  We made a series of small character …

giant inflatable betty boo

Inflatable Art for Nicholas Byrne

katebarlow Inflatable Art

These pieces of inflatable art are updated designs by the artist Nicholas Byrne. We originally made a number of inflatables for him to feature at The Cultural Olympics in London 2012. So successful were they – and universally admired – that we subsequently made another giant inflatable ‘Betty Boo’ artpiece that went to the Glasgow International Art Festival last year. Now …

Dome of inflatable spheres at Coachella

Dome of ever changing light at Coachella Festival, California

katebarlow Inflatable Art, Inflatable Lights, Theatre and Film Inflatables

In April 2013, we were delighted to help create a spectacular display of light and inflatable spheres for the world-famous Coachella music festival in California. The project was the brain-child of the award-winning Spanish product designer Héctor Serrano. We collaborated with him in 2009, on a giant helium-filled inflatable for Phish Festival 8 also in California and were thrilled to …

Image of a pink inflatable shell on a beach

Inflatable Shell for Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

katebarlow Inflatable Art

We had so much fun making this giant 6 metre tall custom inflatable shell for the Arts University College at Bournemouth! They took it down to the beach at Poole where it caused tremendous excitement to everyone who saw it! We thought it looked pretty spectacular throughout the day and on into  the evening. Judging by the news articles about …

Inflatables for art installation for Cultural Olympics

buzz Inflatable Art

If you saw the inflatable art exhibition during the Cultural Olympics, you probably saw some of our pieces. We were asked to help produce inflatable art for a unique installation in East London and it was a real honour to get involved. We supported two London artists, Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne, in their installation called ‘LOVE’, at Poplar Baths. …