• Stena Line sky dancer
  • Benchmark air dancers with 1 leg
  • Pipe Center air dancer
  • Pipe Centre sky guy with 2 legs
  • Orange windy man with the word "Open"
  • Selco two-legged air dancer
  • STL air dancer with 2 legs

Air Dancers

An air dancer will give your promotion a big impact. When you buy an inflatable windy man or sky dancer from us, we can brand it for your business. It’ll be a simple but valuable addition to all your outdoor events.

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Air Filling Options

Blown air

Electricity Required?

Requires electricity

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  • Aka windy man, sky dancer or breezy geezer
  • Effective promotion for outdoor events
  • Makes people smile!


  • Easy to transport but make a big impact onsite
  • Great value, reusable and easy to store