• Stena Line sky dancer
  • Benchmark air dancers with 1 leg
  • Pipe Center air dancer
  • Pipe Centre sky guy with 2 legs
  • Orange windy man with the word "Open"
  • 2-legged sky dancer with Selco branding in ABC Inflatables workshop
  • Selco two-legged air dancer
  • STL air dancer with 2 legs

Air Dancers

Air dancers are lively and fun which is why they are popular for promotions across the UK. They always have a big impact. When you buy an inflatable windy man or sky dancer from us, we can brand it for your business. They look so simple but it’s wonderful to see how they get people smiling at your outdoor events.



Air Filling Options

Blown air

Electricity Required?

Requires electricity

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Product Benefits

  • Aka windy man, sky dancer or breezy geezer
  • Effective promotion for outdoor events
  • Makes people smile!

Product Features

  • Easy to transport but make a big impact onsite
  • Great value, reusable and easy to store