Breezy Geezer

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Lots of people call them air dancers but we like the name Breezy Geezer! Whatever you call him, we created this impressive 2-legged inflatable to mark launch of the new Pipe & Climate Center in West Bromwich. He needed to be very tall to make an impression against the high building behind… we think we succeeded in that!

These eye-catching promotional products have lots of different names, from Sky Guys and Air Dancers to Windy Men. The design looks fairly simple but the way they dance and bounce around makes them special. We use blown air to inflate them and it’s the fan that keeps them moving. You’ll often see children stopping to stare and here’s something about them that just makes people smile.

tall blue inflatable man

Our Air Dancers are an amusingly theatrical way of promoting any outdoor event. With their extreme movements, they are an excellent way of drawing attention to your promotions, sporting event or premises. We can make them in your corporate colours and brand them on the chest and back with your logo if required – as we did here for the Pipe Center.

We can also make Windy Men with a single tube powered by a single fan. This cuts the costs and still makes a huge impact. Our Breezy Geezers make a great impression and are a really effective way of letting everyone know who and where you are.

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