Giant inflatable yellow wellies in ABC Inflatables workshop

Inflatable Yellow Wellies for the NFU

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We had a repeat order for more inflatable Yellow Wellies! Aren’t they fantastic?!

yellow wellies inflatables

Our good friends at the NFU have ordered another pair of inflatable wellington boots from us. As you can see they stand over 2.5m high and they go to local NFU agencies who use them at agricultural shows and outdoor events. Talk about standing out in a crowd – you couldn’t miss these! It certainly is an eye-catching and novel way to alert people to their presence at crowded occasions.

They used to use fibreglass wellies but they needed a big van to transport them which made the logistics more complicated. Our inflatable wellies deflate in to a box only 60 cms x 45 cms, which makes them really easy to transport.

That is one of the beauties of inflatables – they deflate to a really small area, making transport simple and inexpensive and storage easy…

Enormous inflatable yellow wellies for NFU Mutual


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