Inflatable hard hat above Quarrying show

Inflatable Hard Hat for Institute of Quarrying

katebarlow Airborne Inflatables (Helium Filled)

Sometimes, what seems a relatively straight forward project can actually have underlying complications! The Institute of Quarrying asked us to create a giant helium filled inflatable hard hat to use at their big outdoor show, held at the Hillhead Quarry near Buxton. So far, so good. The custom inflatable itself was expertly executed by our design and build team and …

CarFest Giant Inflatable Sphere

buzz Airborne Inflatables (Helium Filled)

One of our most popular inflatables is the giant inflatable sphere. Clients love this classic design and it gives them a great opportunity to promote their brands. They are a tried and tested way to draw attention to your event or stand and they work particularly well outdoors. Silverstone Auctions asked us to make a giant inflatable sphere for CarFest South. …