Rooftop Balloons

Rooftop balloons and rooftop inflatables are air filled with a constantly running fan blower. They sit on a flat roof or canopy or even on the ground such as a car park or forecourt. They can be made to look like giant hot air balloon replicas such as the Aspire Windows balloon or sphere shape like the Ford rooftop balloons. The advantage of this is that it allows a large area for your logo or message – and with the option of the big detachable, interchangeable banners, your message or branding can be quickly and economically updated.

Rooftop inflatables are easy to handle and manage. They have no on-cost other than a little electricity to power the mains operated fan blower or optional internal lighting system.

Would your business would benefit from the extra attention that a rooftop balloon would bring? If the answer to that is ‘yes’, why not give us a call on 01295 278600 or or email us to chat about your project?

roof top inflatable with aspire logo and promotional info