Inflatable Breezy Geezer or Windy Man

These dynamic products are also known as an inflatable sky guy, a windy man, or a sky dancer Рor even an air dancer.  We coined the expression Breezy Geezer and it now seems a popular way of describing this eye-catching promotional product.

Our sky dancers are a theatrical way of promoting any outdoor event. With their extreme movements and the noise of the fan (or fans), they are an excellent way of drawing attention to your promotions, sporting event or premises. We can make them in your corporate colours and brand them on the chest and back with your logo if required.

You can also have an inflatable windy man with a single tube which saves the cost of having two fans. This cuts the costs and still makes a huge impact. Our sky guys and breezy geezers make a great impression! You will find they are a really effective way of letting everyone know who and where you are.

tall blue breezy man with Stena Line branding