Giant Inflatable Replicas

Cold air filled with a mains operated fan blower, giant inflatable replicas can be made in all shapes and sizes. What could be a more eye catching way of drawing attention to your product than an inflatable product replica? Bottles or cans, packets or jars, a giant trainer or huge carcass!

There are times and places when it is not always possible or convenient to have a continuously running, mains operated fan blower to inflate your giant replica. As an alternative for those clients, we can make sealed air giant replicas of their product that do not need a fan blower. We are happy to make a single inflatable or a quantity in a size that suits your requirements.

Giant inflatable replicas are a great addition to your marketing mix. Here are just some of the advantages:

  • Easy to transport
  • Quickly inflated
  • Instant promotion
  • Easily packed away
  • Compact to store

Whatever your product or design we can inflate your ideas!

inflatable pepsi can with blue headphones