Giant Inflatable Arches

One of our giant inflatable arches is a great way to draw attention to your event or exhibition stand! They are also ideal for marking the start and of course the finish of a race.

Inflatable arches can be used for almost any race, from athletics events, marathons and triathlons to motor racing events, especially rallies. They also draw visitors towards any kind of promotion or event and can lend an air of exclusivity to your stand. This could be an indoor promotion at an exhibition or conference or an outdoor event as Kumala did with their Arches in Kew Gardens, or the Rolling Stones with their T-Mobile sponsored arches at Twickenham!

You will see from the following series of photographs that there are two basic designs for inflatable arches. The first and most simple design is the tubular arch, like the Kumala and T-Mobile arches. The second type of arch is the Michelin arch which has 4 upright legs with a supporting inflatable wall between them to give extra stability. This is also another opportunity for further branding with your logo and artwork.

All the inflatable arches are bespoke so we can make them to suit your exact requirements. For instance, we can make a smaller arch suitable for framing a rally car at the start or finish of a rally. Or a much larger arch that is wide enough to span a main road and tall enough to allow motor cars and even coaches to pass underneath.

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giant inflatable arch with Kumala branding