Inflatable Exhibition Spheres

With an inflatable exhibition sphere overhead, you will certainly draw attention to your exhibition stand! These large, branded inflatables are ideal for use at your next indoor show or exhibition. They also make an excellent impact at outdoor events of almost any sort.

As you can see from the picture, they make great use of the wasted space above an exhibition stand. It’s the perfect way for you to ‘Own the Show!’


Our inflatable exhibition spheres are easy to transport and we provide an installation service if it is reequired, although they are very simple to inflate.

They can be filled with helium to fly or cold air filled to be suspended and what’s more, with care, they can be used time and again. Indeed so successful are ABC Exhibition Spheres that many of our exhibition contractor clients come back over and over again for more. We even have some clients who have more than one sphere themselves so pleased are they with the positive results. Put your exhibition stand head and shoulders above the rest!

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inflatable exhibition sphere with tesco logo