Full scale recreation of the Pink Floyd inflatable pig
Pink Floyd Pig Over Battersea Power Station

When EMI Music asked us if we could make a pig fly they already knew the answer!

Pink Floyd had originally commissioned a helium filled pig to fly over Battersea Power Station in 1978 to be photographed for the front cover sleeve of their new Album ‘Animals’. Knowing this original pig still existed, albeit in a very sorry state, they sent it back to us and we were then able to make templates for the new pig using the original for pattern making.

The result can be seen here – indistinguishable from the original but made from modern materials which despite the pig being the size of a London Bus made it much more user friendly – at least it didn’t fly away as the original pig did. Mind you we did provide the crew to manage and fly the pig for the client. We had a very early start on the Monday morning as we wanted to get the giant pig up and flying at dawn when the weather conditions are generally at their best.

Giant helium filled pigs are not renowned for their flying qualities so we hoped that there would be little or no wind at this time of the morning and we were luckily proved correct. The iconic Pink Floyd Pig floated majestically above Battersea Power Station for most of the day and provided all the early morning commuters into London with a sight for disbelieving eyes!

We appreciate not all our clients have the global impact of Pink Floyd or the budget of EMI Music but if you want a helium filled inflatable special shape you know where to come…..to ABC Inflatables!