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If you need an eye-catching way to promote your brand, look no further. ABC Inflatables provides an excellent range from inflatable balloons to bespoke inflatables in all shapes and sizes. Alternatively, from blimps to parade balloons, we can customise a standard size or shape inflatable with your own artwork. Whatever you choose, we can support your brand, your advertising campaign or you promotion with an eye-catching inflatable.

With one of our helium advertising blimps flying up to 200 feet above your premises or exhibition stand, everyone will know who you are, and most importantly where you are. Clients tell us that footfall increases noticeably when they have an inflatable flying overhead.

Alternatively, advertising balloons are a great way to draw attention to your business. If you need to be more eye-catching nearer to ground level, how about one of our cold air filled inflatables or roof toppers? These cold air filled inflatables are inflated with a fan blower so they do not require helium gas. These incredibly flexible promotional products can be made in almost any shape or size to give your advertising maximum impact.

We have earned a great reputation for customer service and reliability over the years. Please put our team to the test and either give us a call or send us an email so we can help you promote your brand.

ABC Inflatables is the reliable “Advertising Balloon Company”.

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